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I'm Here to Support the Brave Ones and Encourage Those That Are Afraid

We have that one thing we used to do or be really good at when we were kids. But not anymore. Sometimes, our excuse is that we simply grew out of it and moved on to other things. However, most times, the reason we did not pursue that interest was because we either lacked the resources to develop it or we received significant discouragement from our families or communities.

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Living Your Childhood Dream Is Possible

Dreams are important. They have the ability to shape a person’s life. I went from being a wide-eyed 11 year old sitting in front of the TV fantasizing about acting, to now living in Hollywood, California working as a professional actress.

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Now Is The Time To Be The Creatives That Nigeria Needs

Although I did not live out my then dream of becoming a singer, looking back I am extremely grateful for these experiences because they taught me how to imagine numerous possibilities for my future as a young African immigrant girl in America.

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