The Beginning Years

In 2016 and 2017, we held the Orísun Summer Institute for Creative Arts. Our summer program is an inclusive and affirmative space for Nigerian youth in Lagos, Nigeria, who are interested in exploring the creative arts for everyday artistic expression or as a professional career. Orísun Collective is passionate about encouraging aspiring creatives in an environment that promotes cultural dignity and positive interaction across different backgrounds.  Classes included creative Writing, Acting, Voice, Dance, Visual Arts, and Photography.




The inaugural summer camp was held in Lagos, Nigeria on July 2016 at Temple Secondary School. The weeklong camp offered junior and senior students from 8 various schools across Lagos an opportunity to grow in their creative interest.


Students learnt from engaging instructors in classes such as Voice, Dance, Creative Writing, Photography, and Acting. At the conclusion of the camp students showcased their productions to an audience of family, friends and community. 


"I enjoyed being in the midst of friends from other schools as well as mine. The memories of all the lectures and wonderful times shared  cannot be erased from my mind" - Nneka Orji 



The theme for 2017's Summer Institute was #ICENigeria, hailing from our mission to Inspire, Create and Evoke. The 2-week long camp was held in Lagos, Nigeria in August 2017 at Minders Montessori School. Students selected a major and minor class in either Voice, Dance, Creative Writing, Photography, Acting, or Visual Arts.

An exciting addition to this year's camp were the "ICEsessions." Accomplished speakers spoke to the students over a course of several days. They spoke on their artistic and professional journeys and shared the challenges they overcame. The students were highly impacted by their wisdom and candidness.

Lastly, we implemented a Civic Engagement component to the camp. This was where students & teachers broke up into small groups to discuss social issues, brainstorm solutions, and find ways to make strides towards becoming social activists in their communities.