Welcome to 2018!




Happy New Year and welcome to 2018! We hope that your year is off to a great start! Our blog is up and running again and we want to share some of our goals for this year with you. 

As you already know, Orisun Collective is all about inspiring the pursuit of creativity and artistic expression in all aspects of life. This year, we are about one of our goals is to create a series of monthly posts that provide encouragement, resources, and advice for those who desire to pursue arts as a long-term career. 

Each month, starting from February, we will be:

  1. sharing educational information for those who are looking to pursue arts as a course of study in college/university,
  2. providing several resources that may include information on scholarships to study creative arts, opportunities to gain practical experience, etc., which we hope will serve as a form of guidance, and most importantly
  3. sharing experiences and advice from other creatives!

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Orisun Collective