Voices of Africa - This class is designed for students interested in singing with no prior experience. It will teach basic vocal techniques and improve confidence in singing in front of an audience. Students will learn how to choose songs that suit them as performers. 

Move and Groove  - This class is a high-spirited rhythmic experience for students who love to move and groove to the beat.  It will introduce the fundamentals of African dance while connecting them to their culture. 

Story Story - This introductory class fuses short story writing and oral storytelling.  Students in this class will learn what a short story is and how to write one. Students will then orally tell their original stories to the class.  

Picture This - Students in this class will explore the basics of digital photography.  They will learn how cameras work, photography techniques, and how to cultivate their own unique style.

"All the World's A Stage"- This Acting 101 class is for any student interested in explore the performing art of acting. It will teach students how to use their body, words, and imagination to naturally express emotions and convey human experience on stage.


"I’m very proud and happy to be part of the lucky students who participated in Orisun Summer Camp. First of all, I will like to state that I really gained a lot and no knowledge was wasted. Every lecture undertaken was great. I enjoyed being in the midst of friends from other schools as well as mine. Although the camp was only for one week, the memories of all the lectures and wonderful times shared cannot be erased from my mind.The interactions between the students and coordinators was very profitable and helpful in terms of the advice given to us. The environment was very conducive and perfect to impact knowledge without distractions. We were well-fed and I enjoyed the snacks and food services and the overall treatment was superb. I really gained a lot and appreciate everyones effort. Im very happy about the camp and hope to experience another of its kind next year." -Nneka Orji
 "I would just like to say a big thank you. Thank you for tolerating us and just caring and trying to teach and just being there for us."-Udo Odibo
"I love the fact that everyone was treated equally and our instructors were standard." -Jamiu Adejumo
"It was a memorable period of my life. I met lots of friends and  I  learnt lots of things from different teachers. The camp was so wonderful and I can't wait until next year to come so that i can be part of it again."-Chiwendu Enwere