Social Impact Incubator

Orisun Collective has exciting plans to reshape the landscape for youth impact through education in Nigeria. We are working on a Social Impact Incubator for Youth which will be held in Lagos, Nigeria. The focus of the several weeks long residential summer camp will be to ...




Lagos, Nigeria is a booming start up ecosystem. We will utilize the rise in technology ventures and key contacts to introduce students to coding and other digital paths.



Civic Engagement & Business Development/Entrepreneurial Skills

Presentations of final created pieces will serve a an integral part of active learning in the program.



Art Courses in categories such as

  • Performance Arts- Acting, Music,Dance
  • Visual Arts- Painting, Fabrics
  • Digital Media Arts- Graphic Design, Photography, Video


A One Day event for Junior and Secondary school students interested in tech industries, media, arts and entrepreneurship. Students will hear from leaders in these fields and choose from 2 to 3 workshops to attend where they'll practically develop an idea and gain feedback. They will also network and attain essential mentors. This is a compressed day version of our much longer program. 

ICENIGERIA Masterclass will take place several times a year across Lagos, Nigeria.